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Ways in Which Nursing Homes Should Operate

Nursing homes provide care and monitoring to the elderly who have complex health care conditions that need the help of a skilled nurse. In case a family is worried about the condition of their older person who has memory and cognitive problems and cannot cope in their homes, they prefer taking them to the nursing homes. The elderly normally get rehabilitation and therapy services which makes them more alive and flexible thus tend to live more years.

The nursing homes are expected to provide full support to the elderly people so that they can have a good life there, but there are those taking care of them may feel the need to take advantage of them. So, to ensure the residents are treated well, the nursing home has a Nursing home reform act that targets the nursing homes seeking to provide, medical services to the elderly people.

The nursing home should consider the basic rights of the elderly. The basic rights in a nursing home ensure that every elderly person receives what they require for their healthy living both mentally and physically. With the basic rights in place the patients have the right to maintain their personal property and finances, decide their care plan and also the right to preventative care which provide them good health and safety.

The needs of the elderly must be provided in a nursing home. Every elderly in the nursing home should receive adequate health and safety needs from the staff, therefore the nursing home must have enough staff to perform the task. The nursing staff is given the responsibility to ensure the elderly people are clean, adequately dressed and taking the right nutrition, having enough drinks to prevent dehydration, thus enable them to remain in good health.

Also, the nurses are to ensure that every patient receive supervision throughout the day to prevent injuries and accidents that can be caused by medical devices. For safety purposes the nursing homes are inspected by inspectors who ensure that the medication, food and materials used are handled adequately by the nursing staff.

The nursing home should have a plan for need’s assessment for the elderly citizens. The staff in the nursing home are supposed to assess the needs of every patient once they are admitted in the facility so as to create a personalized health care plan. The staff are then required to develop a care plan which include all the needs of the patient such as, the medication they need, how mobile they are, whether they can look after themselves and risks they can be exposed to.

A care plan is important as it is a way of creating and maintaining a patient record and establishing their personal care plans, therefore, helping the staff to organize themselves in terms of time and resources available.

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