The Boss is Not Coming Back Now

I have been trying to get the boss dried out and back in the game. It was obviously easy to track him down, he is using the company credit card like that thing is going out of style. In the end it is his company and if he wants to spend it’s money on European escorts and 300 dollar bottles of liquor, well that is pretty much his money. I knocked on his door at noon the day before yesterday. He was staying in an enormous suite. An absolutely gorgeous redhead opened the door. I am pretty sure she told me to drop dead in Russian or some other language. I pushed past her and her bathrobe came loose when she was gesturing at me. I whistled loudly and the boss shouted at her to shut up. He was laying in bed with another girl. She was Asian, but she spoke perfect American English. At any rate I got nowhere with him. In fact he sent another girl to my room after he started to drink again.

My guess is that he is going to get tired of this stuff eventually. If I still had a wife I would have been hard pressed to have sent that girl away. She seemed to be very enthusiastic about her work, which is understandable at the rates he is paying for these girls. Of course a lot of the people back at the office are panicking, but the truth is we have prepared really well for the boss not being there. The idea was that he and Lauren would retire, probably in a year or so. No one expected her to run off with some guy from the country club and send him into drunken decadence. Of course we shall have to do a little creative accounting, but the money really is not a big deal