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Why Fall Protection Guardrail Systems Are Essential

If you talk about the level of safety of some work environments, some are more dangerous than others. For those who work in dangerous environments, it is essential that you practice safety measures and utilize proper safety gear and equipment. For safety managers, on the other hand, it is their responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe for every employee. This basically implies having adequate knowledge on current OSHA laws. You get to decide what are the best safety methods to ensure the safety of your workers. When it comes to working with heights, you should be able to get proper fall protection guardrail systems installed in the workplace.

Based on OSHA statistics, there are over 6.5 million people who work across construction sites all over the work. In a year, thousands of fatalities take place. With these numbers, the highest number of injuries and fatalities are caused by falls from workers doing their job from heights. With OSHA, one of the reasons why these injuries take place is with the misuse and even not using any fall protection guardrail systems. OSHA standards should be followed when it comes to the guardrail systems that you will have installed in the workplace. The use of fall protection systems guarantees the safety of each of your workers and is required by law.

There is a whole range of fall protection guardrail systems that you can select from. Usually, you will be deciding between permanent horizontal lifeline systems and temporary horizontal lifeline systems. Before you decide which is which, you have to know what benefits you can get from each of them. To know why fall protection guardrail systems are essential, be sure to read until the very end.

In using fall protection guardrail systems, your roof can be kept intact when you opt for the non-penetrating one and not the permanent type. No more drillings must be done to the rooftop. For these guardrail systems to remain durable, they keep the rails in a safe place with the use of cast iron bases. By keeping the bases feet apart, they remain OSHA compliant, safe, and durable. Additionally, you can keep the integrity of your roof in check.

Another benefit to using quality fall protection guardrail systems is their quick installation. In addition to being fast, the whole process is also an easy one to do. The entire guardrail system can be set within two hours with just two installers. Most guardrail systems are provided with an easy to read the instruction manual for workers to get on with the installation process. On the part of your workers, they become more productive by just installing the system faster and focusing back at the task right in front of them. When more time is saved for the company, they also get to save more of the money they spend on the construction project and more.

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